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Detroit Medical Center

In an effort to bring attention to some lesser known buildings, I thought I’d pay a visit to the Detroit Medical Center this week.  DMC is an award-wining hospital system in Midtown occupying a cluster of buildings from a plethora of eras.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover a couple Brutal-esque buildings, giving me hope that there […]

Return to Reynolds

  I have a habit of returning to certain buildings over and over, whether it is to photograph it in a different light or season, or perhaps from a new perspective.  However, I make a point to keep tabs on Minoru Yamasaki’s Reynolds Metals building simply because I fear for its future.  Built in 1959, […]

Natural Beauty

  The “Modern” movement in architecture is defined by a number of things, but one of the main ingredients is a focus on technology and innovative materials.  Although COR-TEN was developed by U.S. Steel Corp. in the 1930’s, it is likely that the Depression and wars prevented any large-scale use of an uncharted material.  Post-War America […]