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Return to Reynolds

  I have a habit of returning to certain buildings over and over, whether it is to photograph it in a different light or season, or perhaps from a new perspective.  However, I make a point to keep tabs on Minoru Yamasaki’s Reynolds Metals building simply because I fear for its future.  Built in 1959, […]

Modern MPLS

On my way back from St. John’s Abbey, I stopped in Minneapolis to see some noteworthy architecture from a few of my favorites.  First up is Christ Church Lutheran by Eliel Saarinen (with an addition by the prodigal son, Eero).  When it was completed in 1949  Saarinen’s church was immediately recognized as a simple and refreshing take […]

College of Education

It is no secret that Detroit public schools are in need of improvement.  We’ve seen images of mushrooms growing in damp corners of classrooms, gymnasium floors look like a scene from Tremors, and broken furnaces forcing children and teachers to wear winter coats inside.  However, when it comes to institutions of higher education, Wayne State University […]